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Analyses and expertise - 2009

Studies of the local real estate market

It is our pleasure to announce that the Institute of Economics at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów together with Certus Sp. z o.o. in Rzeszów from August-September 2009 is doing a professional study of the real estate market in the city of Rzeszów. The subject will be an analysis of both the commercial and housing markets. The needs of residents and companies will be studied, their preferences, attractiveness of investments in Rzeszów, investment procedures, convenience for investors, impact of financing and legal regulations on growth in the market and many other aspects related to the investment process. Analysis will be made on: the attractiveness of the newly annexed areas, possibilities and directions of growth, impact of architectural-urbanist solutions on the city.

Propositions for anti-crisis steps to be taken in the Polish economy

Propositions for anti-crisis steps to be taken in the Polish economy.

Bonds for innovation

Within the program "Bonds for innovation" we’ve provided the following studies/analyses:

  • studies on market absorption levels for IT tools,
  • studies on the use of CMS in the management of web pages,
  • studies on the needs of a company’s customers – implementation of internet-based distribution channels,
  • studies on the modification and updating of e-services based on trends for the next few years,
  • studies on the innovation of products/services in the region or country-wide,
  • preparation of development strategies for firms by applying process and product-based innovation, assuring that the firm improves its competitive position both on a regional and national scale.

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