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EMPIRIC – Enhancing Multimodal Platforms, Inland waterways and Railways services Integration in Central Europe

The EMPIRIC project has begun with the goal of supporting the process of the creation and enhancement of multimodal transport links to and from ports in the North Adriatic with Central Europe.

It is an integrative initiative capitalizing on the results of previous international projects and local initiatives serving to promote multimodal transport links and increased connections between modes of transport

The project is part of the 2. Priority of the CENTRAL EUROPE Program – ‘Enhanced access for Central Europe,’ and is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Growth.

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    Instytut Gospodarki
    ul. mjr H. Sucharskiego 2, pokój 248,
    35-225 Rzeszów
  • Tel. +48 17 866 12 02
  • Fax: +48 17 866 12 22
You are here: Portfolio Projects In progress EMPIRIC