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The Institute of Economics at UITM is an academic-research center interested in economic processes. It was created in 2001 as an independent organizational unit within the University. Its significant portfolio of academic-research has proven success in cooperation with businesses, local government administrations and other institutions. Among the entities with which the IE cooperates there are both national insitutions (such as the Center for Socio-Economic Analysis in Warsaw) and international institutions (such as the Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys CIRET, headquartered in Switzerland, Global Development Network GDNet, Bureau for Investments and Economic Cycles LCC, headquartered in New York). We also specialize in both internal and external company research. The mission of the IE is to provide innovative business solutions for today’s organizations through the use of achievements in science and in practice. Continuously updated methods and tools mean that we carry out our reasearch and provide expertise in a manner that is precise and useful.

The Institute of Economics provides research and analysis in many economic fields and in areas of public interest. These run from the labor market and public policy, through the real estate market to entrepreneurship and innovation.

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    Instytut Gospodarki
    ul. mjr H. Sucharskiego 2, pokój 248,
    35-225 Rzeszów
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