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Consulting and training: in the EQUAL program consulting and training was provided for over 1000 employees in over 200 companies.

Products: e-barometer, Index of Economic Sentiment (cyclical surveys done since 2001), Index of Real Estate ads, Economic Monitor of the Polish economy.


  • Regional perspective (Podkarpackie monitoring of job deficits and surpluses, Podkarpackie monitoring of labor and education, Science closer to commercialization),
  • Transregional (Innovative Cluster of Health and Tourism ‘Health Spas – the Pearls of Eastern Poland’ grouping several entities),
  • Transnational perspective (USEREC – Upgrading Self Reflective Competences in SMEs, 3xC – coordination, cooperation, cultural context – tandem learning program of transnational cooperation for SMEs, BenchTour);

Expertise: Comprehensive program-zoning concepts for city development for: Przemyśl, Słupsk and Rzeszów, Economic-financial analysis for the concept of a Podkarpackie Energy consortium.

Surveys: ‘Attitudes of city residents towards large retail chains and new large retail complexes in the cities of: Przemyśl and Rzeszów,’ ‘Social and economic impacts of a retail center in the city of Wieliczka’, ‘Public attitudes towards expansion of the city limits of Przemyśl.’

The IE continued its research on economic sentiment, delivering the quarterly report ‘Index of Economic Sentiment in the Podkarpackie Province.’ These surveys provide a way to evaluate and prognose the economic climate of specific sectors of the Podkarpackie. The principle aim is the development of a complex methodology to evaluate economic climate at the regional level. A significant task is the application of the methodology on economic sentiment provided by the European Commission - Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs to a regional study. The surveys also aim to expand the method of economic prognosis. The results of the empirical studies will be the basis for considerations of:

  • Evaluation of errors in prognosis in relation to actual processes covered by the prognosis, determination of the causes for the errors which will provide a way to improve the method and will be the research team’s contribution to prognostic theory,
  • Specifics of prognosis at the regional level in comparison to macro-economic prognosis of the national economy. The UITM Institute of Economics has undertaken the study on modern theories of economic climate cycles and the issues of informational capacities among the categories for prognosis.

The data collected in the study will also provide for a construction of an array of ‘early warning indicators’ showing the upcoming trends in economic activity levels.

Additional studies will accompany this work including those on:

  1. Barriers to business activity,
  2. Investments among businesses,
  3. Innovation among businesses,
  4. Changes on the regional labor market.

The Institute of Economcs currently is working on three projects which have received public funding:

  • FARE (Facilitating Reflections on Equity in LLL Strategy) – which aims to raise awareness of the complex relations set within the transition from VET (Vocation Education Training) to Adult Learning.
  • SESTEM (Supporting Equality in Science Technology and Mathematics related choices of careers). Carried out within the LLP Grundtvig Program, the aim is to develop a strategy for implementing system-wide and legal changes in education with specific emphasis on gender parity.
  • BenchTour (Benchlearning in the Tourism Sector). Carried out within the Leonardo da Vinci Program, this project aims to improve managerial competences among businesses in tourism by use of the BenchEffect method which was one of the outcomes of an EQUAL project.
  • USEREC (Upgrading Self Reflective Competences in SME’s). Within the LLP Leonardo da Vinci Program, the project will define a curricular framework for women in SMEs on the use of IT in management.
  • System for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Regional Strategy for Innovation in the Podkarpackie Province (08.2009 – 12.2013).
  • Innovative Health and Tourism Cluster ‘Health Spas - the Pearls of Eastern Poland,’ a project co-financed from European Union Funds within Action 1.4 of the Operational Program for the Development of Eastern Poland (2007 – 2013).
  • Champions - Improvement of CE regions' accessibility through air transport interconnectivity (01.2010 – 12.2012) – a project which aims to improve the accessibility of Central-Eastern Europe countries through the optimization of air and land transport.

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