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Local governments - Public Opinion Studies

Market and public opinion studies provide a way to better understand the expectations of society and at the same time provide an essential tool for those involved in public administration in making decisions on the allocation of public funds and the distribution of services among the public sector. Knowledge of what constituents think and how they react to important issues and events is key to such decision-making. Such public opinion studies provide a way to plan effective campaigns to stimulate and promote positive social change. Our range of services includes local public opinion studies as well as research on socio-political orientation.

Local public opinion studies include those based on:

expectations and needs of inhabitants linked to the construction of budgets or local programs,

opinion on specific local programs,

  • attitude towards controversial matters and conflicts,
  • evaluation of the work of governmental and public service institutions,
  • primary information sources on local issues,
  • support of inhabitants for local political powers,
  • people’s interest in regional issues,
  • studies on potential sources of conflict,
  • quality of life
  • hiring and unemployment in rural areas and in agriculture,
  • the local job market and regional employment policies,
  • education systems and labor market needs.

Studies on attitudes and socio-political orientation include:

  • studies on the effectiveness of mass communications : the use of the sources of mass communication, preferences, evaluation,
  • monitoring the effectiveness of social and political campaigns,
  • studies on party electoral representatives as well as political elites and opinion-makers,
  • pre-election polling,
  • analysis of opinion and political attitude toward change trends,
  • segmentation of voting groups,
  • political attitudes and preferences,
  • studies on the public images of politicians and public persons,
  • social and political alienation,
  • radical socio-political movements,
  • lifestyle, value hierarchy and lifetime aspirations,
  • studies on how leisure time is spent,
  • studies on social pathologies.

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You are here: Range of Services Local governments Public Opinion Studies