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The Institute of Economics does research and analysis in many fields of economic and public interest. From the labour market and social policy to the real estate market, business and innovation, its methods and research tools are continually updated which means that we are able carry out our research and provide our expertise in a professional manner.

In its studies, the IE highlights the opinions that are useful for national policy and it also provides independent analysis for businesses and on public opinion on specific areas of the economy.

In its research activities, the IE continues its work on a study of economic sentiment, producing the latest quarterly report ‘Index of economic sentiment in the Podkarpackie Province.’ This study makes it possible to evaluate and prognose the state of the economy in specific economic sectors of the Podkarpackie. The primary aim of the study is to develop a complex methodology for the evaluation of economic growth at the regional level. The source of the task is based on the adaptation of the methodology for economic sentiment studies used by the European Commission Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs to a regional level study. The studies also aim to develop several methods of economic forecasting. The results of these empiric surveys form the basis for consideration of the topics:

  • evaluation of mistaken prognosis in relation to the actual process, determination of deviations, which provides a way for further improvement of the methods used for prognosis and will be the contribution of the team to prognosis theory,
  • Specifics of prognosis at the regional level in relation to macro-economic prognosis for a national economy. The UITM Institute of Economics has undertaken work on developing the study in the area of modern theories of economic cycles and the issue of the informational capacity of the categories under prognosis.

Data gatherered as a result of the studies also provide a way to construct ‘early warning indicators’ signalling changes in the level of economic activity. Within the framework of economic sentiment studies other studies are also done:

  • barriers to economic activity,
  • investment levels among businesses,
  • innovativeness among businesses,
  • changes on the regional labour markets.


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You are here: Research Fields of research