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Index of economic sentiment – Business survey

Survey of companies

  • Sentiment in industry for yet another quarter worsened. The seasonally adjusted indicator for this sector was at -3,0 which shows a significant decrease in comparison to the previous quarter when it was at -0,1. All components of the indicator showed a negative opinion among the majority of firms: financial situation and size of production (both indicators were at -7,06), order portfolio (- 5,88), inventories (-3,53), employment (- 3,53)
  • Among businesses Q4 2011 was rated most negatively in construction. The seasonally adjusted indicator was at -21,6 (5,7 in Q3 2011). The indicator components all fell sharply. Production, which was seen positively last quarter, fell from 3,23 to -12,7. This downward trend for order portfolio noted in Q3 2011 was maintained in this quarter as well, falling further from -6,45 pkt. to -25,4 (this was the component with the lowest ranking). Financial situation and employment also fell.
  • Pessimism was also observed among managers of service companies. The seasonally adjusted indicator was -1,2 where it was 0,9 in QIII 2011. Meanwhile we also see a certain change in how the respondents see the situation. For yet another quarter, the number of those rating the situation negatively has increased.
  • Among the sectors surveyed the best climate in Q4 2011 was noted in trade. The seasonally adjusted indicator was at 1,9. The component seen most negatively was employment (-5,4.). Businesses were positive regarding their financial situation however, as well as turnover and inventories. The indicator for both first components were at 10,7 for inventories 1,8.

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