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You are here: Research Studies on the innovativeness of the Podkarpackie Province Province in relation to Poland and the European Union

Studies on the innovativeness - Diagnosis of innovation

Diagnosis of innovation in the Podkarpackie Province in relation to Poland and the European Union

The aim of this study was an evaluation of the level and changes in innovation in the Podkarpakcie in the years 2005-09 and a comparison of the observed trends to those throughout all Poland. This provided a way to rank the innovativeness of the province in comparison to other provinces, and to note the convergence or divergence in relation to national trends.

For analysis in accordance with the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) three areas of innovation were looked at:

  • Mainsprings of innovation, representing the factors that are independent of the business creating innovation,
  • Innovative activity of firms which leads to expenditures on innovation,
  • Results of innovations, results of innovation expenditures and the factors which impact it which are independent of the business.

Within these areas indicators of innovativeness were distinguished. The specific indicators are presented in an annual and comparative layout, where it is only possible and useful, as an average for Poland, for the eastern provinces, other provinces (GUS data) and the EU average as well as EU regions at the NUTS-2 level (Eurostat data).

Such indicators make it possible to monitor innovativeness in the province in relation to other regions and to observe its trends. It also provides a way to evaluate innovation in the region.

Key findings

  • In terms of drivers of innovation the Podkarpackie in 2010 took 14th place on a national scale and was the worst among all of the eastern provinces. In comparison to the previous year this was an improvement of 1 position.
  • In terms of the dynamics of the change in the drivers of innovation in the years 2009-2010 the province was in second place after the Lubuskie Province. The slight improvement is not surprising despite the high pace of change, since these are the most difficult to increase, as they are factors shaped mainly by long-term, lasting economic changes, tightly linked to growth in the province.
  • Only in terms of 2 among the 16 areas of innovation did the Podkarpackie fall lower than the national average in 2010. The first is the number of students in technical fields or similar, to which were added those studying mathematics-informatics, and those directly linked with industry and construction. Additionally in the years 2009-2010 their number has increased improving the ranking of the province in these terms.
  • The worst ranking of the Podkarpackie was in terms of the number of participants in doctoral studies per 10,000 inhabitants. This very low indicator was also reflected in the number of post-graduate students or those studying to be academic teachers.
  • Regarding innovative activity the situation of the Podkarpackie is much better. Despite weak conditions for innovation growth in 2010 the province was in the 2nd position and in the highest position for the eastern regions of Poland. In comparison to the previous year this was an increase of three positions.
  • The indicator components for innovation activity among firms rated most highly were internal expenditures on actual research and development, relative R&D expenditures in the business sector and the share of innovative firms in industry.
  • At a low level in 2010 were expenditures on innovative activities per entity, in particular in the service sector. Despite this in the years 2009-2010 expenditures on R&D among Podkarpackie firms sharply rose. Such dynamic growth was not seen in any other province.
  • Regarding innovation among Podkarpackie manufacturers in 2010, the province was in first place in Poland in relation to the number of innovative firms. However in comparison to the previous year this number has decreased.
  • On the other hand the very low indicator for innovation in the service sector in the province in 2010 clearly improved. While it remains lower than that of the manufacturing sector, it is still higher than the national average. This is very good information showing how the Podkarpackie service sector is growing as poor performance in this sector results in low GDP in the province.
  • Regarding the results for innovative activity in 2010 the Podkarpackie, as in the previous year was in 6th place. It was also in the highest place for eastern Poland which among Polish regions (NUTS-1) was in last place.
  • Once again the province was above average in the share of firms which have automated their production processes.
  • The worst performance of the province was in the share of net revenues from sales of innovative products among manufacturing firms, in particular among innovative products for the export market.
  • The Podkarpackie also performed poorly on a national scale with regard to employment in research and development activities, independent of whether this employment is considered only for those working, vocationally active people, or for the entire population. The use of ICT among firms is also slightly below the national average.
  • The province is average in regard to the number of patents applied for at the European Patent Office per million inhabitants. On an international scale this is however a low ranking of the Podkarpackie at the regional (NUTS-2) European Union level.


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You are here: Research Studies on the innovativeness of the Podkarpackie Province Province in relation to Poland and the European Union