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Quality Policy

In order to enhance its position on the market for academic-research organizations, the Institute of Economics follows a policy of quality which embodies the key aim of meeting the needs of business and local government entities as well as other institutions through the services provided by the Institute.

Our fundamental goal is to provide our clients with complex and timely advisory and training services, as well as expertise and research studies.

Our quality policy is attained by the following:

  • adaptation of our services in the fields of consulting, training, expertise and research studies to the current needs of the market,
  • monitoring of the expectations of our clients in the design of the services we offer,
  • employment of staff with the essential high qualifications,
  • increasing the vocational competencies of our staff through participation in training, conferences, and seminars, and through their understanding of the application of the quality policy to the image of the Institute,
  • the use of only proven and tested subcontractors providing services and products of the requisite quality.

The guarantee of our quality goals is the involvement in the achievement of the Institute’s Policy of Quality of all employees who are dedicated to its implementation.

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You are here: About Us Quality Policy